Mitchell Hashimoto

Ghostty 👻

This page collects my writing about Ghostty 👻, the terminal emulator I've been working on since 2021 as a personal side project. This isn't an official website for Ghostty, just a place to collect my own thoughts I've written about it.

Note: Ghostty is still a private project. I plan to open source it one day and share it with more people but for now this is a private personal project. If you are really interested in helping with the project, please feel free to email me, but no promises!


I maintain devlog about my work on Ghostty. There is no regular promised cadence (Ghostty is a side project after all) but after enough interesting things accumulate I'll try to write an update.

  1. Devlog 001
  2. Devlog 002
  3. Devlog 003
  4. Devlog 004
  5. Devlog 005
  6. Devlog 006